Duri Stonereaver, son of Undar, son of Blindor, son of Beravdor; was often sent on patrols beyond the borders of the clan mines. He loved his duty, he loved the solitude, he loved the sense of tons of rock surrounding him on all sides, he loved exploring the twisting tunnels of the caverns beyond his home; yet today, all of the things he loves in his life were placed in the back of his mind. Today, Duri came across some disturbing tracks. Kobold tracks were not so uncommon in this part of the world, but never has Duri encountered so few, so deep, so close to his home. This was no wandering band, nor was it the signs of stragglers and exiles, these tracks brought only one thought to Duri’s mind, scouts.


He quickly and quietly made his way back to the tunnels more familiar, back to the mines of Anvil Mountain.

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This is a five chapter short story about the life and trials of a clan of dwarves.


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